My new-found love…Regina Spektor

Laughing with


I recently saw Regina Spektor in concert at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in July. I must admit, before this I had only heard a couple of her very famous songs such as Fidelity, Better and Us and thought she was pretty good but nothing special. So with this view, I wasn’t particularly excited to see her live, whereas my sister on the other hand could barely contain her excitement and kept scolding me for being so unappreciative (I sware most of my posts on here regard my intolerance for something which is then eventually transformed into adoration!)   

Anyway, the night of the concert came quickly and I, along with hundreds of eccentrically dressed young girls and quirky couples were all huddled together waiting in anticipation for Miss Regina Spektor to come on stage. When she finally did, Regina was painted from head to toe in black and wore, what to me was, a solemn expression. At the time, I thought she was simply going for a timeless classic look. Yet the audience didn’t seem to care what she wore or how she looked, the cheers, wolf whistles and shout outs shook the whole arena whilst people’s eyes lit up with infatuation. I was surrounded by hard-core fans, and must admit, felt slightly guilty for being there. But, as the night went on, I got more and more into it, whilst, might I add, constantly having to stand on my tip toes and play dodgeums to glimpse wisps of her striking red mane. But it was worth it.   


And wow. Her voice is even better live. You know an artist is a true artist when they blow you away in person. Everyone’s been to one of those concerts where it’s clear that the singer’s voice is technically modified in the studio and you wonder how they ever managed to enter the music industry. Not to mention leaving  the concert with a hollow feeling in your stomach.   

Regina performed songs from her new album too, which I had not heard yet, and it was great to hear them firsthand. There was one I particularly fell in love with. Even now I am still obsessed and play it over and over again, much to my family’s annoyance. The song is ‘Laughing with’, I’m sure you know it. From the opening line, ‘no one laughs at God in a hospital, no one laughs at God in a war’ (previously thought to be ward – made sense at the time!), this song touched something raw and real within me, and addressed the reality of people’s conflicting beliefs. I am a sucker for religious related material anyway…I love questioning it but am also willing and open to accept certain truths. I am yet to photograph this song but am in the process of deciphering an original way to do so. I would like to do it justice.   

Regina's new album 'Far' out now


Then Samson came on. I found myself standing under a canopy of star like lights…I thought I was going to melt. The overwhelming emotions sweeping across me in that moment were so intense and heart warming. I will never forget it. Looking around, couples were embracing and singing along with feeling in their eyes…it is the ultimate long song, and completely underrated.   

Although I love Regina to bits now as I feel her music has reignited my passion and meaning in life again, the end of the concert came as somewhat of a shock. She suddenly announced that one of her band members died tragically on tour, got up, hugged the other artists and left the stage. An awkward yet deadly silence hung in the air – the light-hearted tone previously set was smashed to smithereens, the pieces cutting the audience deep. I remember the audience looking round at each other, looking for an answer, or some indication of what to do next. Some had tears in their eyes. Others just looked morose and confused. What a strange way to end. I later debated with my friend and sister that Regina should have announced this at the beginning of the show and dedicated the songs to the band member, in memory of him. She definitely caused controversy that night. Then an ambulance pulled up outside a venue. No one knows to this day what happened inside that concert hall…   

The quirky Miss Spektor herself


On a lighter note, Ms Spektor is truly inspirational as well as addictive with her quirky, memorable song lyrics and unique yet surreal music videos! For more go to her website 🙂   

This is a clip I filmed of Samson. Enjoy.   


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